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Wanngi Internship


Back in July, I approached Maree Beare for coffee and asked if she would consider me for intern design work at her health tech start-up Wanngi. Fortunately for me, she took the plunge and hired me as an intern, eventually moving to a paid design position at the company. 

Working at Wanngi immersed me in start-up culture, introduced me to a wealth of intelligent and talented team members and showed me that designing was far from a boring desk job. I worked within multiple sectors of the company including design and marketing where I was mentored by fellow design student Scarlett Curtis. She introduced me to a number of new techniques when it came to design and watching her handle her responsibilities was encouraging to say the least.

I also worked in a cross-disciplinary capacity with front and back-end designers who gave Wanngi the ability to come to life. Talented front-end developer interns Kyle Johnstone and Yui Andoh created compelling front end designs, with Kyle developing polarising scan-and-load technology for the application, whilst whizz with words Callum Murphy advanced the Wanngi blog.

Many thanks should be expressed to Maree for this opportunity and best of luck to the team on whatever adventure Wanngi takes them on.


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