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Additional seating (back)fixed.png

Smarter Hobart Challenge - Bus Shelter Competition


When the Smarter Hobart Challenge was first discovered, reluctance plagued the mind given my limited design experience and structural understanding of bus shelters. But after having a lightbulb moment in July, my civil engineering father Simon Mossop  jumped on board to assist in the creative direction and inception of The Boat Shelter 

From there, considerable time was taken to decide on a unique and playful yet quintessentially Tasmanian design that would fulfil the brief and deliver a show stopping shelter. This birthed the 'Boat Shelter', inspired by the iconic Sydney to Hobart Yacht race that takes place annually. Below, initial sketches and graphic representations are seen to include key deliverables including an interactive screen that will detail weather updates, current news and real-time bus arrival timetabling in conjunction with GPS tracking installed on every Hobart bus to adequately assist in this accuracy process Lighting and the interactive screen will be powered by solar panels installed on every roof. 

The sailboat design can be seen in the recycled plastic seat (hull), complete with wing keel and rudder for aesthetic purposes. Toughened glass panelling indicates the sails of the boat - extended for the larger additional modules.

Below, technical drawings were executed by Simon Mossop. Graphical representations by me (Alexandra Mossop).

Small Module

Single module fixed.png

Small Module with Standing Area

Single module with screenfixed.png

Full-sized Module

Additional seatingfixed.png

Full-sized Module with Additional Back Seating

Additional seating (back)fixed.png
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