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Alexandra Mossop

At 22 years young I'm a third year student studying a Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) at RMIT University with completion set for mid 2022 (soon!). That's not my only degree attempt though. After completing high school in 2016, I commenced a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) at QUT and in 2019, decided to finally break into the tech/design world. Completing a semester of a Bachelor of Information Technology at UQ, I made my foray into design thanks to some encouraging sentiments from my peers.

Personality Quirks


I'm an avid lover of film photography. Peep my film instagram account  for my latest snaps.


Huge fan of tennis and have played the sport both competitively and recreationally for 10+ yrs.


I'm immensely into fashion, colour and the bucket hat trend (exhibits a, b and c above).

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